Stem Cells Insurance


The Middle East hospital in Bsalim recently launched a new laboratory which is specifically designed for umbilical cord stem cell processing and storage. The room is intended to hold a capacity of 5600 stems and each of the stems will be conserved for the next 20 years.

“What are Stem Cells”?

Stem cells are the building blocks of the body, and have the ability to create our organs, blood, tissue, and the immune system. Stem cells can be found in places like bone marrow and fat tissue, but the youngest, most flexible stem cells in the body come from the umbilical cord. After the baby is born, the cells that remain in the cord blood are easy to collect and may be lifesaving one day. Moreover, the cord blood is the blood in the newborn’s umbilical cord and it contains powerful stem cells that have been used to regenerate healthy blood and immune systems in more than 25,000 transplants worldwide. The stem cells have been used to treat many life-threatening diseases, including anemia, leukemia and certain types of cancer. They’ve also shown in laboratory studies the potential to heal serious conditions like autism, brain injuries, diabetes type 1 and much more. Those cells continue to grow and evolve, bringing new hope to families.

After presenting the above specifications and details, we were requested to cover the stem cells against any risk that may result in any damage such as natural disasters (Fire, Thunderbolt & Lightening, Explosion, Aircraft Damage, Earthquake, Tsunami, Storm & Tempest, Flood, Collapse due to Landslide, Deterioration of Stock following Fire) or any unusual event that may have an effect over the storage room and thus on the quality of preservation of the stem cells.

It was a very hard task and type of risk, so we had to create the wording of a Property All Risk policy to cover the preserved stem cells considered as living cells for a period of 20 years ahead. This is what we do Tailor insurance policies from the simplest of them all to the most delicate and rare types of covers.